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Inspector Technic Data Recovery is a highly motivated company with a superb work ethic determined to provide nothing below superlative results and superior customer service. The inspiration behind our hard work is driven by our desire to make our customers happy every single time.

Having gone through the experience of losing all of my data and not being able to get it back, I can from first hand experience relate to the emotions and stress that come with dealing with an event such as a computer crash or hard drive failure. I did not want a situation as such to happen to me again so I began educating myself on how to prevent such a disaster from occurring and how to be better prepared in case it did. After I built up an arsenal of knowledge from working as a Genius at Apple, working as a hardware technician for several years, and providing IT solutions for state & local government agencies I decided it was time to provide my expertise and knowledge to others so that they too can have a resource that I didn't have at the time, a resource that is not only reliable, but cost effective. Our goal is to be an invaluable asset to you and or your business when a data disaster strikes and provide you with your own arsenal to keep your data protected and keep your business up and running.

Inspector Technic Data Recovery provides you with a wide variety of services, each with their own individual
benefits. We can offer you solutions for retrieving data from a failing hard drive, create customized storage solutions to meet your data backup needs, or even revamp an existing storage device such as your time capsule or external hard drive. We look forward to providing you with a delightful experience. Thank you for visiting us!

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