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Data Recovery

​No one likes the feeling of not being able to access files from their hard drive or thinking their data is gone. Allow us to save the day for you with our top of the line data recovery program. We go above and beyond, using all of the tools at our disposal to recover lost or deleted files from your hard drive. Check out our pricing page for more details!



Partial Data Recovery Program

Do you need data recovery but are only looking to get specific files or folders recovered? 

You are in luck! With our unique Partial Data Recovery program, you can choose which files and folders you want recovered and pay a lower price than a full hard drive recovery. This program will allow you to have up to 50% of the total capacity of the drive used recovered. (Sorry, USB Thumbdrives and SD cards are not eligible for the partial data recovery program)

​Back Up Design & Data Replication


 The thought of a back up for your files shouldn't have you saying "Ummm...?" We make creating a backup system for home or business sweet and simple. No matter your dilemma, our specialists can design a tailored backup just for you.

We also specialize in these services, ask us about quotes & pricing!


*All repairs are performed in a private specialty technician lab offsite. Hardware & equipment that is picked up from your in-person consultation or shipped to our shipping center is brought to this location for service. This location is climate controlled and dust free so it is NOT open to the public. Once repair of your equipment is completed, it will be shipped back to your location or delivered back to you in person at the origin of the initial consultation unless details are changed by the technician or client.

The Mod Shop

You wanted options to customize and modify your Mac and we are bringing them to you! We also provide slick upgrades for both PC and Mac.

Upgrade the size of your hard drive or add a second one to your laptop or compatible desktop for double storage capacity. This service can also be used to convert a new external drive into a secondary operating system image.

Customize the LED color of the backlight under your keyboard! (Mac only)

Techpocalypse Kit: Be prepared for any computer crash! Includes a full backup of your computer on an external hard drive, a UPS device, & a portable battery operated 3G/4G wireless router. Visit the pricing page for more details. 

Mounting Prep: If you have a new or existing Apple display we will help prepare it for wall or desk mounting by installing a VESA bracket on it for you. We will come to you to install the bracket on your display so you don't have to deal with the hassle.

  Hard Drive Rebuilding, Computer Tune Up/Repair, & Liquid Damage Clean Up

We don't provide services for just damaged and failing drives, we also work with healthy ones. It's important to keep your functioning hard drives healthy so they can perform at optimal levels at all times.


Technibiotics Tune Up

We also tune up your computer to increase speed and productivity of your entire system, this includes a system wide hardware test, stress test, memory clean up, hard drive rebuilding, & software updates all that can be done in a couple hours! You will be amazed at how much better your system performs.


Mac/PC Liquid Spill Cleanup

Do you have a Mac or PC that has been exposed to liquid damage? We provide a specialized service that gets rid of any signs of liquid damage on the inside and outside of your computer so that if you have a warranty on your Mac/PC you can still make use of it. If you don't have a warranty you can still bring your computer to us. 

Liquid Spill Pre-Diagnostic

Find out if a liquid spill cleanup is cost effective for your machine with this service. We examine your device thoroughly and let you know if the cleanup will take care of your issues or if you will also need parts replaced in addition to cleanup.

A home cooked meal is soothing to the soul and so is a custom built PC. Just tell us your budget, any specific requests, and we do the rest. Click here to get started!

Custom PC Buildout

Do you have a mobile device that needs repairing? Click below to visit our Mobile Repair Services Page!

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