Welcome My Fellow Students! We Decided To Give You Your Own Page For Services. Check It Out!​

Below are 6 services tailored just for students. They are designed to keep your computer performing at it's most optimal levels, make sure problems are found and solved before they become an issue when you need your computer the most, and save the day in the event you need data recovery from a failing hard drive. Explore our services below and contact us, we will be at your service right away!

Level 1 Data Recovery $100​


Our first level of service to recover lost or deleted files from your hard drive or from a hard drive that will no longer boot inside your computer. Estimated turn around time is 3-5 days and if successful we will transfer the recovered files to a storage device of your choice. 

Level 2 Advanced Data Recovery $200


Our Advanced Data Recovery process. Use this service for severely damaged drives or that have had data recovery work performed on it before. This service can also be used after a Level 1 Data Recovery as a secondary attempt. Estimated turn around time is 5-7 days.

Cover Your Bases Backup For Mac $50

Cover Your Bases Backup For PC $65

The files on your computer are very important but we usually don't recognize their true importance until we can no longer access those files. Don't wait until disaster strikes! Use this service to back up all of your data beforehand and cover your bases, that way in the event something does happen, you will have a copy of your files in a safe place.

The Big Project $20

For some reason, things always tend to go wrong with your computer when working on a huge project or trying to meet a deadline. It's super annoying right?!


Software updates or a reinstall of the operating system can resolve those issues. If you are afraid to do it on your own or just don't feel like dealing with the task, allow us to do so and save yourself one less headache. No files are lost during this process. 

The Final Exam Mac/PC Tune Up $30


This is a stressful part of the school year and time is also working against you. Some of us prepare diligently in advance and some of us wait until the very last minute to cram it all in.


Whatever you do, DONT wait until your computer malfunctions to get it checked out. Let us run a thorough system hardware & software diagnostic. That way you will be confident your computer has no issues and can conquer those exams. Good Luck & Kick Butt!

Do you have a mobile device that needs repairing? Click below to visit our Mobile Repair Services Page!

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