Mac/PC Computer Repair & Diagnostic Services


Below is a list of our hardware services for both Mac's & PC's. We know those unexpected issues can occur with your computer so we are here to make sure those issues are resolved efficiently and quickly! If you have questions about any of our services, we are available anytime you need us :)




ACMT Certified
A+ Certified

Hardware Repair for Mac's

Your go to for all Mac related repair needs. Diagnostics, hardware replacement, upgrades, software repairs, the works! All Apple devices from 2008 and later are eligible for service. The experience you will get working with us is game changing.

Hardware Repair for PC's

If you have gotten that dreaded blue screen, are having booting issues, cracked your screen, etc. Contact us right away so we can work with you to replace the part you need if the issue is hardware related or re-install/remove software if the issue is related to a buggy program or malware/viruses. 

Liquid Spill Cleanup Service

Use our emergency cleanup service if you have recently spilled liquid of any kind on your computer.

We clean out & dry all liquid, moisture, & minor erosion, then run a thorough component diagnostic test. If your liquid spill occurred weeks or months ago & you are now having hardware issues you can use this service as well.

Technibiotics Tune Up Service

Bringing the custom car tune up style to computers!

This one of a kind Tune Up service includes hardware diagnostics, hard drive optimization, memory refresh, software updates, and more! Give your computer the TLC it needs.

Technical Support for Businesses

Your business operations are essential so we help keep them running. 

POS Malfunctions, Network Interruptions, Video Display Issues, and Computer System Crashes are just a few of the issues that can occur in the middle of a busy day. We can be a valuable asset to your business by having a technician at your site ASAP to look into and resolve issues right on site. No more waiting 3-5 days or a week for a fix because you need it taken care of RIGHT AWAY!

Do you have a mobile device that needs repairing? Click below to visit our Mobile Repair Services Page!

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